A Day in the snow


Recently one of my best friends Marija was visiting me from Ireland. It is rare to find snow in Ireland so both of us really wanted to see some.

This was made quite easy for us in Madrid as just 1 hour from the city you find yourself in the mountains. We went to a little town called ‘Navacerrada’. It was very easy to get here – many buses leave daily from Moncloa and will only cost you around €10 for a return ticket.

We only went to the town but if you continue on the bus you will arrive at ‘Puerto de Navacerrada‘. Here there are some beautiful ski slopes if you feel like a spot of skiing! Rental of the ski equipment and ski passes are also very reasonably priced. Ski passes start at €20 and you can rent the complete ski equipment pack from as little as €15.

If you’re not into skiing and just want to see or play in the snow then you can still have a great day in the town. We felt like children again making snowmen, having snowball fights and writing our names in the snow. There are also lots of adorable little bars and cafes to get a hot chocolate to warm you up.  

It’s great to think that just 1 hour outside of the bustling city of Madrid you can escape to this winter wonderland. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Didn’t even feel like we were in Spain anymore.

So if you want a quick snow escape I recommend Navacerrada… you won’t regret it!

Enjoy your trip! 😉

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